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In our ongoing initiative, "Future Social Innovators," Ibtikar is driving positive change in the Palestinian education ecosystem. We have been working tirelessly to recover lost learning and enhance the well-being of Palestinian students, focusing on these key objectives:    

Through "Learning Loss Recovery", Ibtikar delivers an afterschool semi-individualized education program to support the recovery of the academic and wellbeing loss of students from Bethlehem Governorate and the suburbs, in particular the less served areas near the separation wall and area C.
These educational and wellbeing sessions are delivered by university students who received a training program that couples with their educational backgrounds to insure the delivery of a qualitative intervention with the mentioned elementary school students.

The Overall Objective: “Promote the education of creativity and social innovation in the Palestinian schools”.

With Creativity and Education, Ibtikar provides Palestinian children and teachers an opportunity to explore and understand:

In an inspiring collaboration, Ibtikar and the Melton Foundation launched a distinctive four-month ToT (Training of Trainers) program, uniquely tailored for 15 Palestinian youths. This initiative stood as a testament to the power of educational synergies, merging local insights with global perspectives. Aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders, the program broke new ground in holistic youth development.

YouLEAD project is a comprehensive initiative designed to empower and involve young people in various aspects of civic life. The key components of the project are:

-Civic Education:

The project emphasizes civic education, suggesting a commitment to enhancing the understanding of civic responsibilities, rights, and participation among young individuals.
Civic education includes topics such as government structures, political processes, human rights, and the role of citizens in a democratic society.

With Young Social Innovators, Ibtikar provides Palestinian young people with the opportunity to use their creativity to respond to social issues and contribute to building a fairer, more caring, and equal society. To achieve this, we empower and support young people to realize their potential as social innovators, giving them the skills and confidence to tackle the social issues facing them, their communities, and wider society. 

At a very fundamental level, we believe transformation has to do with how we perceive ourselves in relation to our world. Transformation is a shift in our identity – who we are in relation to our study, work, family, friends, spirituality, etc.

Rumo is a cross-continental game in quest for well-being and personal growth. Join the game and find out what matters most to you, what your strengths are and put them into practice while having fun with other young people in your city and across the global.

At Ibtikar for Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship, we proudly offer comprehensive training programs as a distinct service alongside our funded projects. These programs are specifically tailored to empower groups such as women, youth, children, and social entrepreneurs. Our approach is holistic, encompassing not only personal development and self-care but also robust technical, business, and financial skills essential for successful social entrepreneurship.

Youth Business Coaches

This project aims to train a team of youth business coaches who will provide support and guidance to emerging youth projects in the South West Bank of Palestine. By leveraging their diverse backgrounds and expertise, these coaches will empower and mentor young entrepreneurs, fostering social innovation and inclusive economic growth. The ultimate goal is to establish a dedicated department at Ibtikar organization that will provide business coaching services as an ongoing support system for Palestinian youth.

Our "Palestinian Puppets" project has brought a fresh approach to preserving Palestinian heritage. Through handmade Palestinian-themed dolls, Ibtikar has aimed to preserve and convey Palestinian traditions to younger generations and international visitors. Simultaneously, we have empowered women in marginalized areas by providing training in embroidery and employment opportunities.

Ibtikar's "SHELEADS" project has been dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship, cooperative models, and cooperative enterprise principles among women Palestinian refugees in the Southern West Bank. Our work has aimed to address social and economic challenges faced by Palestinian refugees daily, supporting their socio-economic conditions and contributions to well-being and community development.