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Welcome to the enchanting realm of "Palestinian Puppets" at Ibtikar's website, a special corner where stories come to life. We invite you on an extraordinary journey into the heart of our cultural heritage. The "Palestinian Puppets" project, a part of the initiative "Increased Economic Opportunities and Improved Livelihood for Fragile Communities along the Palestinian Heritage Trail (PH Trail) in The West Bank," financed by the government of Japan and funded through the JSDF and the World Bank, is not just an initiative; it's a fusion of art and heritage.

 Each puppet tells its own tale, reflecting the soul and authentic art of Palestine. Join us on this creative voyage that transcends time and space, moving together towards a future that embraces our heritage, blossoming with hope and innovation. Every touch here narrates a story, every woven thread contributes to our rich history, and we warmly welcome you to be part of this ongoing and inspiring narrative.

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