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Ibtikar is a Palestinian NGO that was established in 2019 in Bethlehem-Palestine. Ibtikar offers innovative youth programs, corporate training sessions, consulting services to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship in the community, and promotes education for social innovation, on the one side. One the other side, Ibtikar develops educational based programs for teachers and students to inspire their education atmosphere for a better qualitative one. Strategically, Ibtikar aspires to contribute to enabling Palestinians to use their creativity to respond to social issues and contribute effectively to building a fairer, more caring, and equal society.

 We believe that education for social innovation and equally accessible qualitative education engenders wellbeing amongst young people, women and the whole Palestinian community and helps building a strong nation that is more inclusive, empathetic, and connected.

The Vision of Change

Ibtikar works to empower the next generation to address society’s needs and achieve better wellbeing for all.


The Mission of Ibtikar

Ibtikar connects and inspires, teachers, trains and mentors change agents and innovators to become global problem solvers who can contribute to better Palestinian entrepreneurship and educational eco-systems guided by the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.