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In our ongoing initiative, "Future Social Innovators," Ibtikar is driving positive change in the Palestinian education ecosystem. We have been working tirelessly to recover lost learning and enhance the well-being of Palestinian students, focusing on these key objectives:    

  • Empowering Future Innovators: Ibtikar empowers school students with skills and confidence to address pressing social issues in their communities and society.
  • Enhancing Education Quality: Ibtikar is committed to improving educational standards, particularly emphasizing creativity and social innovation in the Palestinian education system.
  •  Ensuring Equal Access: Ibtikar provides safe, high-quality, in-person learning opportunities through semi-individualized tutoring sessions for students in need, promoting equal access. 
  • Preparing Future Educators: Ibtikar boosts the confidence and knowledge of university students, preparing them for teaching careers through practical experience and technical training. 
  • Fostering Well-being: Ibtikar places a strong emphasis on supporting the psychosocial well-being of Palestinian primary school and university students throughout its project interventions.