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The Overall Objective: “Promote the education of creativity and social innovation in the Palestinian schools”.

With Creativity and Education, Ibtikar provides Palestinian children and teachers an opportunity to explore and understand:

  • The role of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in teaching and learning. 
  • The importance of developing classroom and school environments that bring out the best teachers and students.
  • Methods for making classrooms more engaging places.

The project is created specifically for those who simply see no other way but constantly learn new things about this world and sincerely practice lifelong self and peer-learning.


The 11-month initiative is a customized capacity building program for school students and teachers in Bethlehem district. The program will target 85 school students (14-16 years old) and 20 teachers. Students will be distributing in 4 groups. Each group will receive 50 training hours for a total of 200 training hours for the four groups. The fundamental aim of the students’ program is to prepare students for real world careers and challenges and equipping them with 21st century skills with a special focus on creative thinking and entrepreneurship. Teaches will be provided with tools to broaden their knowledge in adopting different techniques and methods that will be reflected positively on their experience with their students, over 100 training hours.