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2020 has brought a new reality for organizations and individuals that design, implement, practice, participate, and believe in Global Exchange. The pandemic has profoundly impacted all of us, but as borders closed in March, and many continue to remain closed today, practitioners of Global Exchange find ourselves in particularly challenging circumstances. And yet, while our work can sometimes feel impossible right now, Global Exchange is important than ever.
A live discussion on Ibtikar's facebook page with Ilda zaghmout the co-founder of Beit Ashams nonprofit company under the "Entrepreneurs from Palestine with Ibtikar" seriesThanks for the journalist Ayah Abumayaleh
Ibtikar implemented in cooperation with ONG SID (Benin) a workshop about Design Thinking Approach.This event has been delivered in French language by Ibtikar team. 
Change-makers must design for the way people behave, not for how they wish them to behave.About this Workshop: ”Campaigning for Justice and Human Rights (Planning your advocacy campaign through the use of Design Thinking Process)” The program aims at qualifying children and youth to design advocacy campaigns through the use of the Design Thinking Process. These campaigns will address human rights violations with a particular focus on child and women rights.
Ibtikar organized an webinar for Palestinian teachers as an antroductory session for our new training program that aims to enhance the quality of Education at the Palestinian schools and improve the school teachers skills and competencies. #QualityofEducation
A joint workshop organized with Luckan organisation from Finland. Teams from Palestine and Finland have particiapted in an introductory workship with interactive activites to dicover both Finish and Palestinian cultures.
"Make a Friend" is a social experiment designed by Ibtikar Palestine. Challenge yourself to meet new people and make friendships online.This is an on-going activity organized by Ibtikar team for Free.You can join us by sending a message on our Facebook page:
Ibtikar hosts a live discussion with the founder of under the "Entrepreneurs from Palestine with Ibtikar" seriesThanks for the journalist Ayah Abumayaleh
Get Ready!GLOCAL (Act Locally & Think Globally)Ibtikar's workshop as a part of the International Event:"The Global exchange through the pandemic and beyond"Time: tbd#worldwide
Ibtikar Palestine in partnership with Global ChangemakersCalling all aspiring changemakers who speak Arabic!
HackEduThon: An online interactive educational event lasts for two days (13th and 14 of August 2020). A 30 school students from 5 different Paestinian cities (Bethlehem, Gaza - 2 teams, Nablus, Ramallah, and Hebron) have gathered together, participated and  worked for 2 days online in collaborative way. 
Ibtikar hosts a live discussion with the co-founder of "Be the Change" social enterprise under the "Entrepreneurs from Palestine with Ibtikar" series. Be the change is a new innovative social enterprise initiated by a group of Ibtikar's youth and thei inititiave has been selected as one of the winners in the "Generation Unlimited" competition organized by UNFPA and UNICEFThanks for the journalist Ayah Abumayaleh