What we do

Ibtikar develops a new and creative educational approach that strengthen the capacity, skills and entrepreneurial mindsets of youth, women and children from all backgrounds

Turn things upside down and inside out

Ibtikar takes old ideas out of the box, and reconstruct them in a different shape. We want to use the fact that a new, different program is starting, to help future beneficiaries to re-think their practices, to invent new ones, to experiment and to find new solutions to old problems. All of this based on Non-formal learning principles including experiential and self-directed learning

Use the Design Thinking approach

Ibtikar uses the Design Thinking as a way to develop teams and individuals who want to learn a proven, systematic approach to new product development. The process puts unmet customer needs at the center of the problem, and every step brings you closer to solving the problem

Provides women with the right business supports

Women are drivers of economic growth; engaging in business as employees, leaders, suppliers and more. Yet, they are often overlooked, under-represented in the economy and struggle because of cultural or economic barriers. Ibtikar provides women with the right business supports. Also, it facilitates their access to resources that help empower them to move forward and realize their dreams

Aligned with the SDGs

Ibtikar connects, inspires, trains, and mentors young change agents and innovators to become global problem solvers guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Ibtikar taking new programmatic roles as a catalyst, enabler, and facilitating change aspiring to maximize impact and create social values



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